2012 Church leaders,men/women/youth leaders' workshop

'Let's Chart a new Path Together'
Church Leaders' workshop took place as scheduled 11am 7th July 2012, @ St. Lukes Community Centre, Canning Town London.
Church leaders from different denominations were in attendance, it was well attended, opening prayer was said by Pastor Olusegun Awe of the Crossway Church London
Speakers include HIV specialist Practitioner Brian Thornton, HIV/Sexual Health advisor Debbie Dauyoumor and the host Rev. Mrs Olayinka Bajomo.
The theme of the workshop was 'Let's chart a new path together' topics discussed include HIV testing, transmission, morbidities/mortality, prevention of stigma, adherence, infertility, sex education and prevention of teenage pregnancy.

HIV Stigma Workshop

LISA Lifesavers47 in conjunction with SOL and some Healthcare professionals organise a one day workshop to address issues surrounding HIV stigma, scourge and management, sex education/STIs, prevention of teenage pregnancy and what the role of the church is in these regard.

SOL's 1st anniversary/ Sex and Faith book/ Lover's forum launch

SOL was a year old 23rd may 2012, but had her celebration 2nd June, 2012 which was commemorated with another publication of a new book Sex and Faith authored by the visioner Rev. Mrs Olayinka Bajomo, a Lovers' forum was also launched to mark the event.

The programme was anchored by Minister Tokky Ademoyero, opening prayer was said by Rev Mrs Bunmi Ige of Helpmate, the author's citation was read by Barrister Wale Adebayo.
The Book Sex and Faith was launched by Pastor Simeon Ademolake, the first Black Christian Democrat, a lawyer by profession, the lover's forum was launched by the presiding pastor of Melody Tabernacle Pastor Abiodun Iyiola who graced the occasion with his beautiful wife Feyi also a pastor.

Radio Broadcast

Please join Rev. Olayinka Bajomo every Tuesday and Friday 9-10 pm on www.morelightradio.com on her programme Heaven on Earth an insightful and liberating hour, family focused and evangelical, giving direction to married couples, intending couples, young people and also pointing people to God.

Some of the testimonies from her listeners are these:

"Oh my sister, I listened to your broadcast tonight Tuesday 31st January, I cannot but be proud of what God is doing through you, from now on I will be telling my friends what I have learnt and for them to tune in and listen to you too. God bless you and I love you loads"
Diane, London


Inauguration of LifeSavers47

LifeSavers47 was officially inaugurated on the 23rd of May 2011 by Pastor Dipo Oluyomi a Senior Pastor and CEO of KICC London at the 30th anniversary ofLifeSavers47 president glorious kingdom Walk celebration May 23rd 1981- May23rd 2011, though before this day SOL has been in operation, to commemorate 30 years of her glorious walk in God's Kingdom, Rev. Mrs. Bajomo wrote a book titled 'First Love' which was also launched.

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen, my lords spiritual and temporal, all protocols observed.
There comes a moment in one's life, moment of incredible bravery. There are moments in history when a few brave men and women stood up to be counted. They drew the line and said they will stand and fight. Their stand may be small in comparison to the great battles in which thousands perish. Yet perhaps they achieved even more through their spirit, courage and determination. When principles hold fast against huge and overwhelming odds, no matter what the outcome, victory is theirs. I am a living testimony today of winning such battles of life through the help of the Holy Spirit resoluteness and bravery.

Is there one subject more unwelcome than death? Is there one word more feared and reviled? Death is the grim reaper, the final countdown, the end of earthly life. Death is a subject with which most people are distinctly uncomfortable. It is final and absolute and the bible says, it is judgement after death, no more room for repentance and some think the best solution is not to think of or even mention this so called uncomfortable topic. Perhaps, rather than avoid the topic, we should think about it and what it means in our lives, before I knew olayinka_bajomothe Lord Jesus Christ and accepted him as my Lord and Saviour, this used to be my posture, but today, I have fought this battle that many are shying away from, amidst persecution from my dad, cousins, friends and colleagues. I stand tall today through the help of the Holy Spirit to say that I have overcome the fear of death and I am ready to meet with my Lord and master whenever the time comes or the trumpet sounds, it's been great pleasure and joy to be in Christ these 30 years.