Radio Broadcast

Please join Rev. Olayinka Bajomo every Tuesday and Friday 9-10 pm on on her programme Heaven on Earth an insightful and liberating hour, family focused and evangelical, giving direction to married couples, intending couples, young people and also pointing people to God.

Some of the testimonies from her listeners are these:

"Oh my sister, I listened to your broadcast tonight Tuesday 31st January, I cannot but be proud of what God is doing through you, from now on I will be telling my friends what I have learnt and for them to tune in and listen to you too. God bless you and I love you loads"
Diane, London


"Was blessed too..Having a blissful home is rooted in the Word of God, we have a great role to play in sustaining our relationships in happiness ONLY if we acknowledge God in our know am ur nmber ONE FAN ma may God bless this bold step.."

Adedeji Olobayo


"Well done ma. I was with you on 'heaven on earth' today. More grace to you!"

Kenneth Nkemnacho