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Sex & Faith

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Sex & Faith is Rev. Olayinka's 2nd book, she describes Sex as the most beautiful creation of God, which creates genuine intimacy when enjoyed between married couples, but she laments the fact that it has been rubbished today and has brought untold pain and anguish to countless individuals. This book is written from a Christian perspective to correct the many misconceptions and fables that surround sex and have supplied keys that would help individuals discover the beauty and genuine intimacy that can be mutually enjoyed by a married man and woman, also she has challenged the Church to include sex/sexual health education in her programme such that unnecessary prayer intercessions will be avoided and the name of God will not be continuously brought into disrepute. Issues around HIV and /AIDS are also discussed. Her intention in writing this book as she claimed, is not to be controversial but to help people to discover the truth about SEX & FAITH and thereby be liberated- 'For it is the TRUTH you know that will set you free' Therefore buy many copies today and be a blessing to many out there, your timely intervention could save many from a lifelong embarrassment and pain.

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